Policy Statement

Integrated Application Energy (Nigeria) Limited, values the health and safety of all people as the primary driver in our day-to-day activities. Our long-term success will depend on our ability to proactively manage the health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects of our business while setting objectives and target for improvement. Everyone associated with IAE's operations is not only empowered, but also obligated to stop a job that places the health and safety of people at risk.

All management and personnel of IAE Ltd are committed to:

  • Facilitating an environment where the health and safety of people and protection of the environment are valued as the moral compass of the organization
  • Maintaining an organizational culture that respects everyone's individual contribution towards our goal of continuous improvement
  • Developing the competence of people as our greatest asset to achieving success
  • Maintaining respectful compliance of all applicable international laws and where possible implementing best practice to go above and beyond regulation
  • Ensuring integrity of IAE's assets through professional operations and sound maintenance practices
  • Identifying operational hazards and managing the risks to a level that ensures integrity of the operation and safety of people
  • Investigation of all incidents and non-conformance identified during the course of audits and inspections of the workplace.

We are committed to the proactive management of health, safety and environment aspects throughout our integrated management system. This policy and the entire management system of IAE will be regularly reviewed for suitability and effective implementation. I encourage everyone reading this policy to join the IAE Team in our commitment to health, safety and environment.