Company's Goal

Our goal is to be a catalyst for the development of human capital and capacity building in the country. We therefore are committed to the training and retraining of our work force and are often seeking new avenues to improving the way we do things through cultural and technical exchanges. Since construction, Engineering and Maintenance is enormous not minding the present economic situation, the company is committed impute ideas and innovation to the activities of the Oil and Gas Company, Property Development Company, etc, explore available opportunities, particularly in project execution and services within the sector.

Our aim is to be an integrated service company that will be a one stop shop for our related services. The service areas are also chosen to maximize the synergy we have with our associate consultants and technical partners, to deliver dependable and cost effective solutions to the business of our clients. Below are briefs on our services.

Our Approach

Our approach to any assignment is to handle it with considerable skill and expertise within a framework of unrivalled quality and integrity. Each assignment is treated as a fresh call to duty. Initially, discussions are held between us and the client, in order to ensure that services provided are customized to fit the needs of our client. Relevant information and data are collected for our assignment and if necessary market research and fact finding surveys are carried out to determine the economic viability of the proposed project.

We also endeavour to devise practical solutions built around the requirements and characteristics of the environment in which we are working to satisfy our client. And depending on the nature of the assignment and procedure agreed on, prior to commencement, a summary and/or comprehensive report is prepared and submitted to the client for necessary input before implementation.

Generally, our involvement does not end with the submission of our report, recommendations, and their acceptance at the conclusion of a project. We also involve ourselves with the implementation and training of our client's staff and personnel if we are required to do so. We follow-up and receive feedback on whether a satisfactory solution to the problem being addressed has been found. The Project Manager makes it a point of duty to follow through from the beginning to the end to ensure quality.